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Please read the Code of Tennis
before your first match.

The CSRA Women’s Tennis League (CSRAWTL) exists to provide a framework for organized play among member clubs or tennis facilities. While League records will be kept and League awards be given, the primary purpose of the organization is to promote FRIENDLY and SPORTSMANLIKE tennis within a structure of overall League play.

A. Any club/facility (herein referred to as “site”) interested in joining the CSRAWTL must meet the following requirements: 1) be able to field at least one (1) full squad of six (6) teams for A/B Divisions, and five (5) teams for C Division; 2) obtain a 2/3 vote of the Board; 3) enter the League prior to the start of season play; and 4) provide a minimum of six (6) courts for A/B and five (5) courts for C.

B. Each season, sites must notify the President at least two weeks prior to the Captains’ Meeting of the number of teams they are fielding. More than one (1) team at the same level may play.

C. Any site may withdraw from League play at its own discretion. Once a site has withdrawn, it may re-enter the League by meeting new member requirements. If a site withdraws during a League year, none of the completed matches will be counted in League standings. Members’ dues of the withdrawing site will not be refunded.

A. League President
The President is elected by the Captains (one [1] vote per site). Her responsibilities are: 1) chair the Captains’ Meeting at least twice a year; 2) compile the Board/Captains’ Directory; 3) interpret League rules; 4) call Board meetings when necessary; 5) activate the Grievance Committee to settle a dispute; 6) act as Co-Director of the League Spring Tournament with a Pro from the hosting site; 7) cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie vote on matters concerning permanent rules, or procedural matters; and 8) make all necessary appointments.

B. League Vice President
The Vice President is elected by the Captains (one [1] vote per site). Her responsibilities are: 1) assume the duties of the President in her absence; 2) assist the President; 3) order season awards; 4) chair and appoint the Nominating Committee; 5) conduct training for new Captains at the bi-annual Captains’ Meeting; 6) serve as a member of the Grievance Committee; and 7) assist with the League Spring Tournament.

C League Secretaries
The Secretaries are elected by the Captains (one [1] vote per site). One Secretary will be assigned to Divisions A and C and one to the B Division. Her responsibilities are: 1) maintain a record of League meetings; 2) keep permanent records of all League matches for two (2) years and provide those records to the Board members and provide the Captains access to their own team’s records upon request; 3) track payment of member’s dues and ensure payment prior to match play; 4) track and enforce the 3-slot rule; 5) maintain players’ win/loss records and provide the Board with an end of season report; 6) enter team rankings on the website; 7) send dues to the Treasurer within one (1) week of receipt; 8) determine the end of season winners and finalists; 9) serve as a member of the Grievance Committee; and 10) assist with the League Spring Tournament.

D. League Treasurer
The Treasurer is elected by the Captains (one [1] vote per site). Her responsibilities are: 1) keep a permanent record of all League finances; 2) deposit funds and make disbursements; 3) submit a Treasurer’s Report at the Captains’ Meeting; 4) serve as a member of the Grievance Committee; and 5) assist with the League Spring Tournament.

E. Past President
The immediate Past President will serve as an ex-officio member of the Board for two (2) years following the completion of her term. Her responsibilities are: 1) assist the President in matters pertaining to the presidency; 2) serve as a member of the Grievance Committee; and 3) assist with the League Spring Tournament.

F. Pro Advisor
Appointed by the President. The Pro Advisor is a nonvoting member of the Grievance Committee; however, in the event of a tie, the Pro Advisor will cast the
deciding vote.

G. The President, Vice President, Secretaries, and Treasurer will be elected at the first meeting of the year prior to the Fall Season. A term consists of two (2) years and will begin immediately after being elected. If any Officer is unable to fulfill her term, the Board will appoint a successor.

H. The Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee will be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretaries, Treasurer, the immediate Past President and the Pro Advisor. The Pro Advisor is a nonvoting member, except in case of a tie. The committee meets when necessary to settle grievances. When a grievance involves a member of the committee or their site, they will abstain from voting. If there are not enough Board members to vote, the eligible Board member will appoint an ad hoc Committee composed of nonbiased Captains, and Pro Advisor.

I. The Board
The Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretaries, Treasurer, immediate Past President, and the Parliamentarian (nonvoting member).

J. Appointments
The President will appoint a Historian and Web Master. They will attend Captains’ Meetings and Board meetings as directed.

K. Meetings
A meeting will be held prior to each season. The President may schedule additional meetings when deemed necessary. There must be a quorum in attendance (one-half of the total number of sites) to have a valid meeting.

L. Voting Procedures
Valid procedural motions will be resolved by simple majority rule with every team per site entitled to one (1) vote. If a seconded motion concerns a particular Division, each Division team Captain per site will vote on the motion. In the event of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote. A change in Bylaws requires a two (2) weeks written notification of the change and a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of teams present.

A. All team members and substitutes must be at least nineteen (19) years of age.

B. Dues for members and substitutes are ten dollars ($10) per season. If a player’s dues are not received within one (1) week from the date of her first match played, one (1) match point penalty per player will be assessed against the player(s) team(s).

C. A player may be listed on only one (1) site roster per season. Once a season has begun (after her first match is played), the player may not change to another team or site. A nonplaying lady may be Captain of a team as long as her dues are paid (e.g., a B Division player has been asked to Captain on that site’s C Team. She can still play on her B team, and does not pay twice). She cannot play at one site and Captain for a different site.

A. Each team must have a captain or an acting captain present at the beginning of every match. Captains must exchange complete lineups simultaneously prior to starting play. The Captain must notify the Secretary if any or all of the individual matches are postponed. Captains will communicate with the opposing Captains on match related matters.

B. When players are added, and after their first match played, Captains provide updated rosters and dues to the Secretary. One check will be made payable to “CSRA WOMEN’S TENNIS LEAGUE”. The penalty in IV (B) for noncompliance applies.

C. Win/Loss records will be maintained and kept current by each Captain and League Division Secretaries, using the Team Tracking Sheet.

D. Pre-match forfeits will occur from the bottom position in ascending order.

E. Captains will complete their scorecard BEFORE exchanging with the opposing Captain. If a team is not complete when the 15 minute rule has expired, the position where the infraction occurred will forfeit and all other positions will remain unchanged (e.g., a visiting player does not show up for position 2. The home team position 2 and the visiting player who showed up on time will leave the court. The visiting team will forfeit that position and the home team will win 6-0, 6-0). Names of the team not forfeiting MUST be on the scorecard.

F. After reconciling scores, Captains will sign each other’s scorecards, their own, and maintain a copy. Scorecards should be remitted promptly. If sent by traditional mail, they must be postmarked by the Friday following the match (for A Division), or Tuesday following the match (for B and C Divisions). The Secretaries’ addresses are provided on the bottom of the scorecard. If remitted electronically, the scorecard must be received no later than Friday (A Division) and Tuesday (B and C Divisions) following the match. A penalty of one (1) match point will be imposed if not received on time.

G. Captains may reschedule individual lines if players have conflicts by participating in USTA League Tennis Championships, such as Georgia/South Carolina State, Sectional, and National.

H. Lineups must be determined according to strength of players. SANDBAGGING IS PROHIBITED. Players must play within a three-slot range. See Appendix A and VI (B). If a violation occurs, points will be deducted from where the infraction occurred in descending order (e.g., violation at position 3 results in positions 3, 4, 5, and 6 being forfeited).

I. Captains will abide by and promote The Code (www.csrawtl.com). Violations are grievance worthy. As funding permits, the Board will supply copies of Official Rules of Tennis to each Captain when there has been a revision(s).

J. Captains will resolve protests when they arise. If a protest is not resolved, she will contact the President who will attempt to find an immediate resolution. If unsuccessful, the Captain will be instructed to file a Grievance and send it within three (3) days to the President and opposing Captain. The written protest will conform with the Grievance Template found on the website. The Grievance Committee will convene within five (5) business days and the decision will be sent to both Captains as soon as possible, but no later than the scheduled date of the season’s final match.

A. League matches will be held at A, B, and C Division levels with additional divisions added in the future, as adequate competition will allow. Each team consists of six/five (6/5) doubles partners. All players listed on the team scorecard MUST BE DUES PAID MEMBERS.

B. No 5.0s on A, B, or C Divisions; no 4.5s on B or C Divisions; and no 4.0s on C Division.

C. There is no limit to the number of 4.0s on a B team roster; however, only four (4) 4.0 players may play at a match, and only at lies 1 and 2.

D. Each season, a player per team in two (2) matches may move ABOVE the 3-slot range. You may move two (2) players in one match; or one player in one match, and another player in a second match. Prior to match play, Captains MUST notify the Secretary of their intent to invoke this rule. Voice/text messaging, email, voicemail are all acceptable modes of communication.

E. Matches start PROMPTLY at 9:30AM. If both Captains agree, individual matches may start at other times. Division play days are: A on Tuesdays, B on Thursdays, and C on Fridays. If the teams want to play earlier or later and both Captains agree, then they may do so. Prior to match play, the home team Captain must notify the Secretary via any of the above listed modes.

F. Per season, each site plays every other site once. Exception: Six (6) or less teams will play twice. The calendar will be divided into Fall and Spring seasons and schedules will include “rain dates.”

G. Any site without a lower division team can pull substitutes from a site having a lower division team, as long as that team does NOT have a higher division team.

H. There will be a designated home team for each scheduled match. The home team Captain will contact the visiting team Captain 48-hours prior to the match to: officially invite her team to their site; inform her of any known forfeits; and if lunch or snacks will be served. Both Captains must disclose if their match roster is incomplete and confirm their final field at an agreed upon time.

I. If the home team is unable to provide its home courts for any scheduled match, the visiting team has the first option of providing its home courts. If the visiting team does not invoke this option, the home team must reschedule the match.

J. Home team furnishes cans of unopened USTA approved balls with imprinted numbers.

K. Warm up time should be limited to ten (10) minutes including practice serves. If the opposing team refuses to warm up, then partners may warm up together.

L. As long as the Coman tiebreak is used as the match third set, there will be no coaching permitted between sets, or any time during play. The third set ten-point Coman tiebreak will start two (2) minutes after the second set is complete. Bathroom breaks, while permitted at any time, should not exceed a reasonable amount of time.

M. Completed team rosters for each member and substitute must be submitted to the Secretaries at the time the players participate in their first match. Rosters and dues must be kept current.

N. Substitutes are members of a team playing actively on the division below. Players from the Division team below may play one less than half the total number of matches for the higher Division team (e.g., Division A plays eight (8) matches in one season. A substitute player from Division B may play only three (3) matches on Division A). Substitutes must play below regular team members.

O. During inclement weather, Captains make every attempt to communicate with each other prior to departure for the match to avoid unnecessary travel. If the courts are unplayable, the home Captain will inform her opposing Captain. A match can be postponed if the temperature is not expected to be above 32 degrees, factoring in the wind chill, or above 95 degrees at playing time. Temperature source is The Weather Channel. Note: If both Captains agree to play in spite of these temperatures, they may do so.

P. If play is suspended due to rain, a reasonable delay will be in effect. If play cannot be resumed, Captains instruct their teammates to record game, set scores, position of players, and which player serves when play is resumed. NO SUBSTITUTES ARE PERMITTED after a first serve has been attempted. Completion of each line will be scheduled by the players of that line within 14 days of the original match, at a time and date agreed upon by all four (4) players. Exceptions to the 14 day rule may be made in individual circumstances with the President, or Division Secretary’s approval.

Q. The 12-point Coman tiebreak will be in effect at any time the score reaches six-all in any set. The 10-point Coman tiebreak will be played in lieu of a third set. The 10-point Coman tiebreak starts two (2) minutes after the second set is complete. Coaching is not permitted. In cases not specifically covered by CSRAWTL rules, USTA rules will govern play.

R. A fifteen (15) minute default rule is in effect. Exceptions may be granted if both Captains agree.

S. PROTESTS. See Section V. (J)

T. All players will be placed on teams according to their ability. Once assigned, they will play in a 3-slot range in accordance with their ability. Players will advance based on their win/loss records. Teams who do not advance players are subject to a Board grievance and possible sanctions.

U. The Board will review the win/loss records of a team who has won their Division two seasons in a row to determine if any players will be moved to a higher division. If the site does not have a higher division, the Board will: designate the 3-slot range for players; and/or may determine the frequency of their play.

A. The winner is the team with the most points. Points are awarded for the individual lines won. In the event of a tie, the team with the least number of sets lost, followed by the team with the least number of games lost, will be declared the winner.

B. Each season, awards will be given to the winner and finalist in each Division.

Annually, a members' only tournament, planned, directed and managed by the Board, may be scheduled.

Adopted: April 1992

Amended: 11/92, 5/93, 1/94, 7/97, 8/98, 1/99, 1/01, 7/01, 1/02, 1/03, 8/04, 1/05, 7/05, 8/06, 8/13, 8/14, 1/14, 8/15, January 2016


A player must play within a 3-slot range of the position in which her name first appears in a season. That 3-slot range is in effect for the entire season.

Example 1
Week 1
Ann plays at #2 position.
Possibilities for the future include slots 1, 2, 3, 4.

Week 2
Ann plays at #1 position.
Possibilities for the future include only slots 1, 2, 3 for the remainder of the season.

Example 2
Week 1
Jane plays at #5 position.
Possibilities for the future include 3, 4, 5, 6.

Week 2
Jane plays at #6 position.
Possibilities for the future include only slots 4, 5, 6 for the remainder of the season.

Example 3
Week 1
Sue plays at #3 position.
Possibilities for the future include slots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Week 2
Sue plays at #4 position.
Possibilities for the future include slots 2, 3, 4, 5.

Week 3
Sue plays at #2 position.
Possibilities for the future include only slots 2, 3, 4 for the remainder of the season.

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